No Expectations

Expected fear, impatience

Tell me, fix me

Feel my mind

Hold my pain

Rock me for sleep

Listen to nothing

Show your understanding

Tell me lies, tell me your heart

Expect the same

My Reasoning

A separation
A place of past
In a time to look forward
I live in the past

Misplaced again
My doing I’m sure
Time won’t be changed
Or even held still

It’s all too big
Tightly packed and closed off
My mind misplaced
A soul born too late

Send me back
All back to the beginning
Time to alter

A way to change
But that would be the end
Until it happens again


Clean off your glasses
And write another story

For those who love to read a page
And tell you how you feel

Just words today
Always one object      me

And still I can only be wrong
Just to write again

Figured it out yet
Let me know

Cause my words can only go ten directions
Always back to the same ending      me