Words you Release

The words you release
dance across plains
mountains and lakes
picking up speed and energy
reaching me with enthusiasm
the words fill my toes with excitement
traveling up buildings exuberance
hope and power
releasing in anticipation

Rainy Nights

If only you could see

The stars when it rained

The purity & clarity

To wash your soul and tears

I feel sand between fingers

And a beach with endless shores

Just to touch the water

Feel the breeze

Wishes for me

Let there be stars when it rains

The Slow Breath I Exhale

The slow breath I exhale
Travels past my lips
No words travel along the
Cold vapors
Only shadows of the
Bitter winter leaving
One last stain upon our skin

I wait still
Through this cold dark lone
As I waited in summers past
Always burned in
The hot airs’ glow
Perhaps a long, slow
Spring this year
So flowers will find roots
And trees may provide shade
Comfortable seasons
To bring an end to my waiting

Something about October

Something about October
The air washes over me
In its soft breeze
Lifting my spirit high
And opening my heart

Something about October
The still water calls to me
In its gentile waves
Allowing trust to open me
I can fall

Something about October
The loose ground absorbs me
Standing strong below
I can only be steadied
Showing my full strength

Something about October
Flames burn hotter
Hurting the flesh less
Reminding me how to dance
Igniting me within