Hollow Words

Hollow words ring falsehoods
In the morning mist

What whispers will follow
When will it end

The destiny of the week
Compelled into the sadness

Of one girl
Uncertain how it went wrong


my memories

awaken unaware

of the hidden horrors

forever found in

drifting dreams

I’m intruded

every evening

with whispers of

past problems

scenes seducing insanity

cheating childhood

from one girl

Souls Speak

Souls speak from echoing walls
Origins unknown, destinations all clear
The madness they ensue
Roars as more add to the noise

Dreams faded years before
Nightmares eat at resistance
Wailing, wallows, heard within
Soon another soul will join

One by one collecting them up
No pieces of hope
No glimpses of peace
Torment and sorrow are left behind