Welcome My heart

Forgive moments lost
To the unknown

Listen to my pleas

Allow me to fight
For your affection

Take a moment

To remember our time
Our happiness


Adam Found in Africa

I am writing a monologue to you, unintentionally
each day it repeats in my head over
and over changing multiple times

reciting the words I should say
if I see you in a bar, on the street, in our city
the words I have left over

you calmed me
you angered me
you set emotions free

your words would cut so deep
but my words won’t reveal to you
you push me away, so why would you see

I don’t think I did anything wrong
I don’t blame you
but St. Valentine still hurt my feelings

I don’t understand
how my heart can break so hard
for someone I wasn’t yet in love with

perhaps that’s why – yet
There is bliss in a world with you
a destructive way available too

neither path will be explored now
we gave up too easy, but you should know
I don’t believe it was for the best anymore

I waked in spite of you
and dreamt in the wake of you
and now in spite, I dream of more

There is no closure here
you’re still looking to understand, aren’t you
I dare you to just be

My words are my open book
I hope you find me in them
and one day return to Africa