This is Where I Leave You

This is where I leave you

Because you won’t go back

And you don’t want to go forward

And I can’t stay here


You have always been honest

and I’ve caught you in lies

or exaggerations

or something that was meant to ease me

but tore at my skin from inside


And a deep breath

an exhale of relief

This is where I leave you




A Poem

Shall I write a poem

Something cold and dark as my soul

A metaphor

To my love of the sea and moon

Or just another poem

Of you and your stupid


No,  I’ve strayed off topic


A poem, to write


My sweet, sweet nature

Inspire the gods

Muse for my pen


A playful taunt

From a well thought out prompt

It’s all I need

To plant my poetry seed


So many directions

So many worlds to explore


Just a word, or ten to start along

Anticipation grabs


Stop…I remember


Now that must all wait

For I’ve finished my lunch break