stop talking, stop thinking

Stop talking, stop thinking

Always everything, the same thing

Make it stop

Jump away, a new reality

Everywhere I turn

All I hear, a reminder

Make it stop, No sympathy

Every corner

All the halls, Everything

Glass haters like crystal

Just enough pressure

Something new

All I need new, Now



Place a hand on my chest

Listen to the beat of my heart

Place another on my arm

Running fingers down my skin

Know these feelings of touch

Are solid

My body, my presents

Is still here

Recognition in loyalty

Could be a mutual understanding

A place to run, to hope, to be safe

Somewhere with us

Souls Speak

Souls speak from echoing walls
Origins unknown, destinations all clear
The madness they ensue
Roars as more add to the noise

Dreams faded years before
Nightmares eat at resistance
Wailing, wallows, heard within
Soon another soul will join

One by one collecting them up
No pieces of hope
No glimpses of peace
Torment and sorrow are left behind