Hollow Words

Hollow words ring falsehoods
In the morning mist

What whispers will follow
When will it end

The destiny of the week
Compelled into the sadness

Of one girl
Uncertain how it went wrong

I Was Asked

I was asked how I know
How I could be so sure

They insisted I was wrong
But provided no proof
That they were right

I have moments, I see them
In the person
I saw it in you
Staring me in the eye

I am sure
I have been here before
Seen the body language
And the sigh in the voice
I know, You don’t like me

Winter Warmth

The wide-open desert is very cold in summer
Look at all the footsteps you’ve left behind
Feel the grains of sand go between your toes
I miss winter, the warmth it brings
The sun is beating on my back. I can’t stop
Where are the delirious?
I see no oasis in the distance
Just move sand to put behind me
Nightfall is so far away
My mind can’t rest then
I miss my warmth
The desert is so cold