I don’t think we’re ever
supposed to know
It takes the majestic away from curiosity
Completion is insanity
or denial
And to learn all the answers
after the fact

Simply devastating

Unraveling fibers
of your being

One complete thought
No where to move

To cease
or suffer

But instead a thought
A progression
An understanding preserved
By a thirst


So Learned

Lock up the children
teach them nothing
but law and

Put the key in the box
ignore it’s origins
only worry about
forgetting it

Walk out the doors
keep your lives
your gold necklaces
and take your days with age

One quiet heart
outside the world
keeping all the secrets
and a box

One by one the dying breed
left with a notion of sanity
and selfish lives fulfilled

He’s all alone now
remembering a door
with one turn
all the future is renewed

Lawful savages
greedy in power
build the buildings taller
they found survival without hope

One quiet heart still stands
to die from imagery
and disappointment

Unstoppable the distraction
children destroy when unwatched
with selfish parents dying happy
no one can save the end