Wolf Hunt

It’s night

and the wolves are out

they dream of the hunt

they dream of the night


The warm autumn air

calling at their prey

safe in the meadow

safe in the trees


A whisper in the night

pulls the wolves deeper to the hunt

stalking through the meadow

stalking through the trees


Deeper into the woods they go

unwilling to halt

following a hidden light

buried in the night


A stir within

calls her out to the night

she does not sleep

she does not dream


Embracing the warm autumn air

she walks alone, unscathed

through the meadow

through the trees


A luring song

pushes deep into the wind

a mere whisper across her lips

a mere whisper through the woods


She halts in the quiet

drawing all who stalk near

she comes to dance deep in the night

hunting wolves in autumn moonlight