Time & Time Again

I saw gardens missing honey and starch
Yellows can’t be green
In a place where blue becomes god of home
& the tear wept leaves leafs dry
Under a sun born to burn

The path left here
Won’t be walked on again
It’s tired & bees will bring you breaded crumbs
That lead you back home
Time & time again


I Climbed a Mountain Today

I climbed a mountain today
And picked a blue flower
As snow covers greenery
I count the days to winter
Why does life feel so close to the edge?

But the cliffs haven’t changed in years
I have
I have you
You didn’t climb the mountain
Will you?
To give me a pink flower?

I have to go in when the sun comes up
We’ll see each other tomorrow

Fights with Storms

Quietly I waited

amidst the leaves

Did you hear the storm last night?

they fell because of it

The day before a storm

is always the most beautiful

You promised you’d changed

but I’m still waiting here for you

Sirens are sounding from accidents

The storm knocked out streetlights

Proceeding with caution is always ignored

You seem to be special

I stand staring, as I wait, into the dark

The storm put out the power

it will be days till it’s repaired

But somehow it always comes back on

I step into a puddle, pacing, waiting

rain and wind flood down our streets

A trickle-down effect, always

sends water flooding days after

Back into my house I walk

My home was not damaged

just needs a clean up

and a few days

Takes, more than a storm

to bring it down

I can’t wait any longer

I have to clean my house