Words on the Page

My letters can only be words
On the page

Unless you care
Unless you know
And unless you try to understand
When I am gone
They will still be
Words on a page

Tired and battered
From lies and tricks
Slow coming
Hindered by tears
Everytime my heart breaks
These are just my life
Scripted, and abbreviated

Without willingness
My emotions will always be
Lost on you
Unable to process the
Passion and pain
Left on me


5 thoughts on “Words on the Page

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  2. The poem was lovely and sensitive. I surely didn’t mean anything negative by my words. I misunderstood the meaning of the poem. And you are a wonderful writer and by the things you write I don’t think you could ever stop, because it seems to be who you are.

  3. I don’t think anyone ever understands anyone else…no matter what. Our brains are not set up for that. We can say the right things and understand another person to a point but that’s about it. If were able to actually get in touch with the feelings of others we would be unable to function, weighed down with feelings of pain, regret, hope, grief, misery, love, sadness, joy, excitement and all the others feelings/emotions of the masses. We couldn’t do it. I think that’s what it means to know that we are alone and that’s fine with me. We might all be made of stardust but we are individuals and we don’t really understand each other. Your “like” button is missing:)

    • My motive for this poem was self serving. I’m speaking to myself, convincing myself to continue to write and that none of my words can become anything unless I write them down. Even if no one ever sees them until after I’m gone, at least I expressed them onto the page. I originally wrote the poem several years ago.

      The like button is now working.

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