Words you Release

The words you release
dance across plains
mountains and lakes
picking up speed and energy
reaching me with enthusiasm
the words fill my toes with excitement
traveling up buildings exuberance
hope and power
releasing in anticipation

3 thoughts on “Words you Release

    • Thanks! I love how social media makes it easy for us to see the words of people from all over. Incidentally, I actually wrote this poem years ago about a friend who lived on the other side of the country. But it seems to have more relevance now, more of a global feel.

      • It’s always interesting when a poem you wrote a few years ago takes on a new meaning. It’s is as if your poem is growing like a flower. And then I’ve had other experiences where I can’t remember why I wrote the poem or the feeling I felt while writing them don’t have the same affect on me. LOL!
        But keeping those pieces helps track your growth as a poet.:D

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