I write a poem for every mood
I could write one about your shoe

I wrote a poem when you broke my heart
I wrote another when my life fell apart

I love to write about your smile
I seem to write best when I’m extremely tired

I wrote a poem for our darkest day
I wrote another when I walked away

I will write for class
I love to write while lying in the grass

I wrote of the clouds beneath our feet
I wrote of the world I wanted to keep

I see the future and write it down
I dreamed my death and write above the mound

I wrote to the ocean and to the sea
I wrote of birth and what will be


Words on the Page

My letters can only be words
On the page

Unless you care
Unless you know
And unless you try to understand
When I am gone
They will still be
Words on a page

Tired and battered
From lies and tricks
Slow coming
Hindered by tears
Everytime my heart breaks
These are just my life
Scripted, and abbreviated

Without willingness
My emotions will always be
Lost on you
Unable to process the
Passion and pain
Left on me